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Airedale Academy

Principal: Mrs Elizabeth Fairhurst

Tel: 01977 664555

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Registered in England and Wales, No: 07556117

Airedale Academy is operated by Airedale Academies Trust,
an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee.

Registered Office: Airedale Academy, Crewe Road, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 3JU

Child Protection: Senior Designated Person - Mrs C Eastwood

Here at Airedale Academy, we firmly believe in and uphold the principle that good attendance at school is vital to future success and view good attendance as anything above 95%.Even with 95% attendance students are missing the equivalent of 9.5 days of school during the year (nearly two weeks of lessons) which is why we feel it is so important that pupils make every effort to come to school. Recent Government research has shown that good attendance gives a student a much higher chance of passing their exams, which in turn leads to better further education and employment opportunities .Furthermore, being in school means that students get the chance to join in many extra-curricular activities and make many friends.
What if my child is absent?
If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please contact the Academy on the number below so that the registers can be updated as soon as possible.  A note should be addressed to your child's form tutor upon his/her return to the Academy after any absence.

T: 01977 664569 - Attendance Officer
Will the Academy approve holidays in term time?
Holidays should not be taken during term time - the Academy will refuse to authorise holidays taken during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  In all instances, a letter should be sent to the Principal requesting authorisation, although you should note that it is unlikely the holiday will be considered by the Academy as an authorised absence.

From September 2012 the Academy, in line with Government guidelines, will  issue fines to parents who take their children on holiday during term time without authorisation especially where the child’s attendance is below 95%.
My child has an appointment what should I do?
For Health and Safety reasons all students who need to leave the Academy during the day need to sign out at reception. Students will need to have a letter of explanation, which has been signed by a member of teaching staff, and students must ensure they sign back in on their return to the Academy. Any student leaving the school site should be picked up by a parent or relative.

If a student arrives after 8.35am for any reason (even if authorised/pre-agreed) the student must sign in the late book situated at reception.
How does the Academy reward good attendance?
The Academy works hard to reward those students who display an excellent level of attendance and also those students who make a huge effort to improve their attendance level. Some of the rewards currently used includes.

 Vivo points added automatically for excellent attendance;

 Weekly attendance raffle for vouchers;

 Attendance days (once per term) – a large whole school raffle is held with many prizes     available, for example vouchers for Argos, cinema at Xscape, Bowling, Laser Quest and      Game;

 Each department holds challenges with small prizes for things like excellent punctuality      to class;

 Celebration walks – members of the Senior Leadership team call in on students during their lessons to reward students with excellent/improved attendance;

 Chance to go on a school trip at the end of the year;

 Lunch with the Governors;

 Termly certificates;

 Best form attendance cup;

Attendance postcards and stickers;

I am struggling to get my child to attend school can you help?
The Academy has a dedicated team of staff who work hard to ensure that attendance is a top priority for students and staff at the school.  If your child is having problems with coming to school, please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Arnold (the Education Welfare Officer) sooner rather than later.  We  also have attendance mentors in each year group who are keen to help and encourage students to school.
T: 01977 664565 - Ms Arnold, EWO
T: 01977 664569 - Attendance Officer

What is persistent absences?
Persistent absence (or PA) is when a student becomes P.A. if their attendance is below 85%. For any student’s attendance to be below 85% there should be a very good medical reason. Airedale Academy takes a tough stance on persistent absence because our records show that such a poor level of attendance has a massive effect on the final outcome of those students in terms of examination success and in generally getting on well within the school community.  

The Academy has a dedicated team of Mentors and a full time Education Welfare Officer who spend a lot of time with PA students; however, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child attends school. Where it is clear that this responsibility is not being met, the Academy will use a fast-track system and then prosecution if there is no improvement in attendance.
What if my child continually fails to attend school?
Fast-track is a system that involves parents, students, mentors, Year Learning Managers and the EWO putting together an agreement which records that a student’s attendance has been noted as failing and needs improving urgently.  After the agreement is drawn up the student and their family get six weeks to show an improvement in attendance before a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued.

In the rare situation that a student’s attendance fails to improve for no apparent reason then the Academy will consult the Education Welfare Service and may decide to prosecute.


Students should be in their form rooms by 8.30 am.  Airedale Academy view punctuality to school as a very important issue as we believe it prepares our students for the world of work.  If a student arrives late to school without a valid excuse (either by letter or phone call) the student will receive a 30 minute detention after school on the same day.  Parents will be informed about this detention via a text message.  Should the student fail to turn up to this detention they will complete an hours detention with a member of the Senior Leadership Team on Friday after school.  Persistent lates will result in the School Governors and the Education Welfare Officer becoming involved and the school may decide to prosecute for non-attendance.
Attendance at Airedale Academy