Airedale Academy

Airedale Academy

Principal: Mrs Elizabeth Fairhurst

Tel: 01977 664555

Fax: 01977 664556


Airedale Academy is operated by Airedale Academies Trust, an exempt charity and
a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales, No: 07556117

Registered Office: Airedale Academy, Crewe Road, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 3JU Tel: 01977 664555

Child Protection: Senior Designated Person - Mrs C Eastwood

Behaviour Policy
Airedale Academy aims to promote an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We endeavour to develop positive relationships between students, adults working in school, parents and other members of the wider school community where everyone is treated fairly and with equal respect. Airedale Academy is a caring community whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. Our aim is to encourage and help to develop self-discipline and responsible behaviour in all students in order to support this ethos. Its fair and consistent implementation is the responsibility of all staff.

A Positive Approach
We acknowledge that positive behaviour is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning, to which all students should have equal access and pay equal regard. We will ensure the reinforcement of school aims at individual, class and school levels, supported by positive adult role models.

General Rights and Responsibilities
At Airedale Academy we promote a system of respect which includes the following:-
All teachers have the right to teach.
All students have the right to learn.
Everybody has the right to be and feel safe.
Everybody has the right to dignity and personal respect.

We have high expectations of our students and staff. Between us we have agreed a Top 10 which sets out our expectations of both groups in establishing a positive climate for learning.

Students will:
1 Attend form time and lessons on time
2 Wear the correct uniform
3 Bring the correct equipment and kit
4 Allow teachers to teach and learners to learn
5 Listen when asked
6 Not chew or drink in lessons
7 Not shout out or use inappropriate language
8 Not have phones and headphones out in lessons
9 Respect staff and each other
10 Look after their environment and property

Staff will:
1 Prepare well structured and resourced lessons
2 Be on time in order to meet and greet students
3 Have clear rules and expectations of behaviour
4 Try to use more praise than sanctions
5 Remain calm and not shout
6 Know their students
7 Use the Behaviour 4 Learning system correctly
8 Make both positive and negative contact to parents
9 Be consistent
10 Use SIMs to correctly record negative and positive incidents of behaviour